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Mixed Flavor Ice Cream Maker
Mixed Flavor Ice Cream MakerThis machine have two flavors and one twist nozzles to let customers enjoy one or two flavors at once. Machine with LCD display, stainless steel handle. Hardness can be regulated as request. This ice cream machine uses Embraco compressor, made in Italy. with R404A refrigerant to keep it at safe serving temperatures. The refrigeration system is air cooled, meaning that there is no need for additional water usage, and we supply the products of different voltage and frequency for you to choose (Such as 110V/60HZ, 220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ).

Mixed Flavor Ice Cream Maker With One Year Warranty

Product Introduction:

Ice cream machine, also known as ice cream freezer, is an automatic equipment specially designed for the production of frozen dessert ice cream. According to the purpose, the ice cream machine can be divided into large-scale freezer used in factory assembly line and commercial ice cream machine used in catering industry. There are also household ice cream machines for household use. There are two storage tanks, two refrigeration cylinders and three discharge ports. At the same time, three colors, namely three flavors of ice cream, can be used to allow customers to enjoy one or two at a time. The taste includes two pure flavors and a mixed flavor. This ice cream machine market is more common. The weight is generally 150KG, and the power ranges from 1700W to 4000W. Suitable for all kinds of ice cream shops, western restaurants, bars, coffee shops. , cinemas and other occasions where there are many requirements for ice cream production and taste. This machine has an LCD display and a stainless steel handle. Hardness can be adjusted as required. This ice cream machine uses the Italian-made Embraco compressor and R404A refrigerant to keep it at a safe service temperature. The air-cooling system means no additional water is needed. We offer you a choice of products with different voltages and frequencies (eg 110V / 60HZ, 220V / 50HZ, 220V / 60HZ).


Model NumberBQL-825B

Ice Cream

Rated output22-28L/H
Input power2000w
Net weight135 kg
Machine size540x615x1410mm
Packing Size590x665x1460mm
Processing Types




Main Characteristics:

1. Stainless steel stirrer: mix the ice cream sufficiently, high expansion rate, durable

2. Prompt function when need to feed, avoiding being frozen too hard

3. It will alarm when the belt slip or the cylinder is frozen too hard,

4. The count function

5. Night preservation fuction.

6. Showing voltage in working, it will stop automatically with too high and low voltage.   7.Low noise, overcurrent protection, low voltage protection


Our advantages:

1.Use food grade material,safe and healthy

2.Micro-computer intelligent control system,easy to operate

3.Automatic cleaning and production,simple and easy to use

4.Famous brand compressor,fast refrigerating,high capacity

5.Environmental protection, and energy saving,durable and resistent



(1) Pre-cooling function: Keep the temperature of the hopper at 2-5 °C to keep the material in the hopper fresh. Low temperatures prevent bacterial growth.

(2) Keep fresh function: It acts as a tank refrigerator, allowing the tank to freeze at the rated temperature. At the same time it promotes the desired output, keeps the items fresh, and allows the mixture to retain the standby switch function through the machine at night, reducing labor and routine maintenance costs, as the equipment only needs to be disassembled and cleaned once a week.

(3) Reduce raw material consumption and increase profits.

(4) Cooling powerful: cooling temperature can reach -7 °C ~ -8 °C, making yogurt ice cream

(5) Fast heat dissipation: fast cooling can effectively reduce the presence of ice, make the taste of ice cream more gentle, and continuously produce ice cream.

(6) The hardness of ice cream is adjustable: the hardness setting can be adjusted between 30-100 levels, based on mixed materials.

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details: Honey Carton, Ply Wooden case

Port: Ningbo, Shanghai &Guangzhou

Lead Time: Shipped in 15 days after payment


1. Q: Can I customize the machine?
A: Yes,  we accept customize, and we can use customer's LOGO for OEM order,  just contact us to customization product. 

2. Q: How about the leading time?
A: It's about 15 days after received payment. 

3. Q: How about warranty?
A: One year warranty. 

4. Q: Do you have a CE certificate? 

A: For every model of machine, it has a CE certificate.

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