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Ice cream machine refrigeration system test
Aug 13, 2018

After the ice cream machine is cleaned, turn on the power, turn on the switch of the ice cream machine, the digital tube displays 00 words, press the start button (without discharging), the number on the LED digital display board of the ice cream machine will change. The sound of the compressor start will be heard in about 5 seconds, and then the number on the digital tube will be observed to change upwards (if the temperature control type digital tube will display the temperature changes continuously), the system will change continuously when the continuous change occurs. The uozhe cold system is operating normally, and it is necessary to stop immediately, because the freezer will cause the freezing cylinder for a long time. If there is no change for a long time, there is a problem with the cooling system or a problem with the control board circuit. For the case where the ice cream machine or the digital tube control circuit without the digital tube is damaged, the most effective way to check whether the refrigeration system is operating normally is to insert the dispensing valve body (the front receiving 筏) of the ice cream machine, take out the stirring shaft, and start up. It can be judged by running the hand directly to touch the refrigeration cylinder to see if there is any change in temperature.