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Juice cold drink machine precautions
Aug 13, 2018

Please place it on a sturdy counter in a horizontal manner. If the counter is tilted or uneven, the machine will malfunction. Please pay special attention. Be sure to install the grounding wire and the leakage protection switch. Please do not insert the hand or the thin rod into the machine. This is because if the motor is rotating, it can be dangerous. Check the wires (1.5mm square wire is appropriate) before or during use. If the cord is not properly connected or the cord is damaged, there is a risk of electric shock or fire if it is still in use. Juice buckets should be cleaned daily to keep them clean. If it is restarted after shutdown, it must be separated by more than 5 minutes, the voltage is unstable, and it is equipped with a regulator of 2000W or more. Please install a place with good ventilation equipment. There must be more than 15cm space around the machine for ventilation. Please use a mechanical special plug, do not use a socket with other appliances. Please install at an ambient temperature below 35 degrees and the temperature of the beverage should not exceed 40 degrees during cooling. It is strictly forbidden to switch to cooling or heating working state during heating or cooling work, otherwise the compressor will be damaged.