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Ice Cream Machine Cleaning Precautions
Aug 13, 2018

Some ice cream machines have a pre-cooling function. The function of this function is to keep the temperature in the storage tank at 5-10 degrees, which plays a role in keeping fresh. In the actual use process, some merchants will claim that their ice cream machine does not need to be cleaned, which is actually a misleading. We know that the ingredients of ice cream are mainly dairy products, and dairy products are very susceptible to bacterial damage and are quickly corrupted, especially in the hot summer. If the machine is not cleaned at night, the bacteria of the next day's ice cream will definitely exceed the standard. Once you have a problem with the consumer, it is not worth the candle. This reminds the majority of businesses to pay attention to the hygiene problems in the daily operation process, and must ensure the safety of the health. Another problem that does not clean the ice cream machine at night is to return to the liquid slurry layering, and the ice cream produced during the next day of production. The taste is very poor. Because the water in the ice cream material naturally precipitates, some of the ingredients in some raw materials will reflect with the metal ions and cause the liquid to darken.