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Ice Cream Machine Installation Problem
Aug 13, 2018

Generally, the power supply requirements for ice cream machines used in China are mostly 220V/50HZ, while those abroad are 220V/60HZ, such as Korea, and some are 110V/60HZ, such as Japan. If you want to bring domestic machines to foreign countries or bring foreign machines after using it in China, after confirming the corresponding electrical requirements, you need to purchase the corresponding converter connection to use. Before use, connect the wiring of the ice cream machine to the three plugs or directly to the air switch. When selecting the connection plug, pay attention to the rated input power of the ice cream machine. Generally, the machine below 2.2KW uses 10 amp plug (10A plug), 2.2KW-3.5KW uses 16 amp plug (16A plug), Then the corresponding socket should use 10A or 16A socket. If the socket and the plug do not match, it will not be connected. If the power supply wiring below the rated current requirement is used, it may cause the power cable to heat up or short circuit. If you use electricity The aspect is not very understanding, just find an electrician to help pick up and it will be OK. In addition, for the ice cream machine using 380V power supply, separate wiring, please confirm that your use place can meet the wiring requirements before purchase.