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Ice Cream Machine Transportation
Aug 13, 2018

In general, the packaging of ice cream machines is divided into two types, one is pure wood frame packaging, and the other is carton packaging. No matter which packaging method is used, it is convenient for transportation and use of the machine, due to the soft ice cream machine. The weight is between 150kg and 250kg, so one or two ordinary customers can't carry it. The regular cargo station will have a forklift for loading and unloading. However, some small cargo stations do not have these equipments and can only be manually loaded and unloaded. Therefore, during transportation. There is potential damage to the machine. The most common is that the appearance of the ice cream machine is bumped or has some scratches. Here, customers who purchase the machine are reminded that these collisions and scratches are inevitable and generally do not use the device itself. The impact is only serious scratches will have a certain impact on the aesthetics of the ice cream machine itself, this situation is generally rare, just to remind everyone. In this case, you can negotiate or claim with the shipping company.