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Soft Ice Cream Machine And Hard Ice Cream Machine
Aug 13, 2018

Soft ice cream machine is KFC kind of cone or sundae ice cream. Hard ice cream is the kind of ice cream used for fancy ice cream. Generally, soft ice cream must be made with ice cream machine. The temperature of soft ice cream is - About 3 degrees. Hard ice cream is the kind of ice cream used to make fancy ice cream to dig the ball. It can be made by freezing itself in the refrigerator. But the effect and efficiency are far less than the ice cream produced by the hard ice cream machine. Because the hard ice cream requires quick freezing, it is produced in the ice cream machine. A good soft ice cream is placed in a freezer below -20 degrees. The purpose of quick freezing is to prevent the ice in the ice cream from forming ice particles during the freezing process. Keep the texture of the ice cream delicate. So if you want to make Italian ice cream, you need to have one. A hard ice cream display cabinet with a cooling temperature of -18 to -23 degrees.