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  • Gulfhost 2018- Exhibition Show
    Gulfhost 2018- Exhibition Show
  • Canton Fair
  • Canton Fair
    China Import and Export Canton Fair booth number 2.1J12 Time: 2018.1.15-2018.10.19
  • Ice Cream Machine Installation Problem
    Before use, connect the wiring of the ice cream machine to the three plugs or directly to the air switch. When selecting the connection plug, pay attention to the rated input power of the ice cream ma
  • Ice Cream Machine Transportation
    In general, the packaging of ice cream machines is divided into two types, one is pure wood frame packaging, and the other is carton packaging.No matter which packaging method is used, it is convenien
  • Ice Cream Machine Cleaning Precautions
    Some ice cream machines have a pre-cooling function. The function of this function is to keep the temperature in the storage tank at 5-10 degrees, which plays a role in keeping fresh.In the actual use
  • Ice Cream Machine Transmission Adjustment
    After the machine has been used for a long time, the transmission belt of the mixing system may be elongated and needs to be adjusted. The phenomenon occurs when the belt slips and the machine stops s
  • Cleaning Of The Refrigeration Cylinder
    In order to ensure the health of ice cream consumers and improve the service life of machine parts, you must clean the cylinder once a day. Press the cleaning button to discharge all the slurry in the
  • Soft Ice Cream Machine And Hard Ice Cream Machine
    Soft ice cream machine is KFC kind of cone or sundae ice cream. Hard ice cream is the kind of ice cream used for fancy ice cream. Generally, soft ice cream must be made with ice cream machine.The temp
  • The Difference Between Desktop And Vertical Ice Cream Machines
    The desktop ice cream machine is more suitable for occasions with limited operation space, such as in the operation room of bars and cafes, the ice cream machine can also be placed directly on the bar
  • Definition Of Seven Or More Ice Cream Machines
    Also known as the seven-color ice cream machine or the colorful ice cream machine, this ice cream machine is a new product and a new model in the past two years. There are four storage tanks, four ref
  • Introduction To The Three-head Ice Cream Machine
    There are two storage tanks, two refrigeration cylinders and three discharge ports. At the same time, there are three colors, namely three flavors of ice cream, including two pure flavors and one mixe
  • Introduction Of Single-head Ice Cream Machine
    There is only one storage tank, one refrigeration cylinder and one discharge port, and only one color, that is, one flavor of ice cream. At the same time, this ice cream machine is called a monochrome
  • Definition Of Mixed Flavor Ice Cream Machine
    According to the purpose, the ice cream machine can be divided into large-scale freezer used in factory assembly line and commercial use in catering industry. Ice cream machines, as well as home ice c